Google’s AR stickers now available on Pixel phones

AR StickersGoogle has finally released the augmented reality (AR) stickers for its Pixel devices. It has been over two months since the company showed them off at the Pixel 2 launch event, but better late than never. These stickers use the ARCore augmented reality platform, which was announced by Google a few months ago.

To use the AR stickers, you need to update both ARCore and AR Stickers apps on your phone. I have linked both of them if you want to directly head over their listings and trigger the update.

At this time, the AR Stickers only work with the Pixel smartphones with Android 8.1 on-board. So if you are still waiting for the OTA or simply hadn’t had the time to apply it, you will get a ‘not compatible’ message.

So, what are these AR stickers?

AR Stickers are animated and interactive stickers that you can use with your phone’s camera app to be part of your photos or videos. After you have updated AR Core and AR Stickers apps on your phone, you will get a new mode in the camera app called AR Stickers. Just tap on this mode and you will able to drag and drop the stickers in your frame. The app offers all the necessary instructions on how to use them.

Google is currently providing a number of stickers to choose from, including characters from Star Wars and Stranger Things. The company has promised to release more sticker packs in the future.

There is no word right now whether the AR Stickers will be expanded to other Android smartphones. If anything changes, I will update the report to include the necessary details.

Check out the Star Wars and Stranger Things AR Sticker packs in the video below.

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