Briefs: Google bans ‘ads on lock-screen’ & India asks troops to ‘uninstall Chinese apps’

Google Play logoGoogle bans non-lockscreen apps from placing ads on the lockscreen

The advertisements on the lock-screen have been a huge pain point for the Android device users around the world. After years of suffering, there is finally some respite for the consumers. It seems Google has decided to take a stand against the lock-screen ads. Afterall, nobody wants to wake their Android device to see annoying advertisements cluttering their lock-screen.

The company recently updated the Google Play Monetization and Ads policy to ban all lock-screen advertisements unless the sole purpose of the app is to do with the lock-screen.

“Unless the exclusive purpose of the app is that of a lockscreen, apps may not introduce ads or features that monetize the locked display of a device,” wrote Google in the updated Ads policy. (via)

India asks troops to uninstall these 42 Android apps

Over the last couple of days, several reports have appeared in the media claiming the Indian Ministry of Defence or Intelligence Bureau or the Home Ministry has issued an advisory to the armed forces personnel asking them to remove 42 apps from their devices. The leaked advisory claims that these apps are either developed by Chinese developers or have links to China and can be detrimental to the data security of the troops.

The apps included in the advisory are Weibo, WeChat, ShareIt, Truecaller, UC News, UC Browser, Beauty Plus, NewsDog, Viva Video, Parallel Space, Apus Browser, Perfect Corp, CM Browser, 360 Security, DU Browser, ES File Explorer, Mi Video Call, QQ Launcher, Mail Master Wesync, QQ Security Center, Selfie City, QQ Newsfeed, QQ Player, QQ Mail, QQ International, Photo Wonder, Wonder Camera, Baidu Map, Baidu Translate, Clean Master, DU Privacy, DU Cleaner, DU Battery Saver, CacheCleaner, Mi Store, Vault Hide, YouCam Makeup, DU Recorder, Mi Community and Virus Cleaner – Hi Security Lab.

Many of these apps are very popular with millions of downloads and are most likely present on the devices of many army personnel. Also, there are few apps from Xiaomi, which are pre-installed on the Xiaomi phones.

It is important to note here that at the time of writing this story, it wasn’t clear which agency or the ministry is the source behind the advisory and whether all the armed forces personnel are banned from using these apps or it is meant for para-military or select troops stationed on the Chinese border. Every news website is citing a totally different agency.  (Leaked advisory via The Print)

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