Google Home can now control washers, dryers, vacuums & more

Google HomeGoogle has quietly expanded the number of smart home appliances that Google Home devices can directly control. Until now, the Google Home only had native access to smart lights, thermostats and security cameras, but the search giant has now added support for appliances like washers, dryers, robot vacuums, and dishwashers. By Google Home, I mean all three Google Home smart speakers – Home, Home Mini and Home Max.

The total number of supported smart home devices is now over 1000 from more than 150 brands. You can check this link to see if your smart home appliance is directly supported by Google Home.

The company has detailed the instructions to add your smart home devices on its support website.

In addition to the support for several new appliances, Google is also including the native support to control scenes on your smart light. Scenes allow users to set a number of specific brightness and colour setting presets, which can be triggered anytime they want. For instance, if you want your smart lights at 40% and a little more blue or yellow at night, you can set up a scene and trigger it at night with a simple command with your Google Home. While the manufacturer-specific smart light apps have long supported scenes, Google Home has been a bit behind.

How to connect a new smart home device with Google Home

  • Make sure both your phone and Google Home are on the same Wifi network.
  • Go to Menu in your Google Home app
  • Tap Home control .
  • In the “Devices” tab, tap the add icon (+) present at the bottom right.
  • Select the type of device you want to connect, then follow the steps.
  • When pairing is complete, tap Done.


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