Google reduces return period for defective books, movies & TV shows

Google Play logoGoogle has quietly trimmed the return period for defective eBooks, movies and TV shows in the Play Store from a generous 120 days to slightly conservative 65 days. The company has not given a reasoning behind the reduction in the return period, but still the 65 days period is fairly decent.

Google has a number of refund policies depending on the type of content in Google Play, but if you bought a movie that is not playing properly or an eBook that is defective or a TV series with video issues, you can raise a refund request within 65 days of your purchase. For all other scenarios, Google has a limited 48 hours to seven days return period in the case of apps, eBooks, movies, individual songs, magazine subscriptions and TV shows. There is no option for refund in Play Music subscriptions.

The detailed Google refund rules and timelines are explained on this support page. (via)

Businesses can now distribute private enterprise apps with Google Play

Google already allows the enterprise users to whitelist specific apps in the managed Google Play for their employees, but the company is now taking the managed Play Store offerings a step further with the launch of private apps distribution. Google has announced that it is now allowing the enterprise users to distribute private apps via Play Store to their employees.

“The managed version of Google Play enables you to deploy proprietary apps privately. It gives you all the benefits of Google Play’s high availability, global reach and scale, optimized app delivery, the security of Google Play Protect, and the reassurance that your app remains private to your company,” wrote Matt Goodridge, Product Lead, Managed Google Play, in a blog post.

The enterprise users will be able to list and offers their private apps through the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) console. The apps will be available via the normal Play Store on the Android devices and won’t require a separate app store.

You can read more about the private apps and their distribution using Play Store in this white paper from Google.

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