Google revamps shopping search on mobile

Google Shopping Search on mobileIn addition to revealing the upcoming Google Lens and Assistant integration, the search giant Google has announced the redesigned shopping search on mobile. The company wrote in a blog post earlier today that a new version of shopping search is being rolled-out to the users, which intends to put the product information front and center among the search results.

According to Google, the Shopping results with now be accompanied by a quick view button, which will let users preview details like bigger product image, description, reviews as well as seller ratings. Additionally, you will also be able to check out related products in the quick view window.

The mobile shopping results will now also suggest buying guides for broad categories like sewing machines, coffee grinders and more. Furthermore, in gadgets searches, the company will notify users if a newer version of the searched product is available. So, you are looking for OnePlus 5, Google may tell you that OnePlus 5T is the newer model.

“Also, when you search for a specific product, now shows you other helpful information, like related items, and allows you to compare reviews, prices and other specs, side by side. And if you’re searching for tech gadgets, we’ll help ensure that you’re looking at the latest and greatest,” wrote Jennifer Liu, Product Management Director, Google Shopping, in the blog post.

Additionally, Google Assistant will now help you with shopping related queries like “Ok Google, where can I buy …..” You can also use Google Home to directly order stuff from Google Express.

As always, the changes to the mobile shopping search will first be available in the US and may reach other markets over the coming weeks and months. Some of the features like voice shopping remain exclusive to the United States.

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