Belkin Boost Up wireless charging pad debuts in India, priced at INR 2,999

Belkin Boost UpPeripherals maker Belkin has released its Boost Up wireless charging pad (5W) in the Indian market. The pad is compatible with all Qi enabled devices including the popular smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8, S7, S6 and more.

According to Belkin, the Boost Up pad is now on sale in the country via Amazon India, Reliance Digital stores and Imagine stores with a price-tag of INR 2,999.

Sporting a curved-square design, the Belkin pad features high-friction material grips to make sure your device doesn’t slip while charging. The design is decent and it is being targeted to the consumers, who are in the market for a budget wireless charging pad. It will provide 5W/1-amp output, so it is not very fast, but inline with what most affordable wireless charging pad. If you need fast charging, a wall charger is still your best bet.

The Belkin Boost Up pad will also work when your smartphone is in a case, provided the case is not thicker than 3mm. Additionally, the pad comes bundled with a Belkin microUSB cable and a 2-amp wall adapter, which can be used independently of the charging pad to charge your devices housing a micro-USB input.Belkin Boost Up

“We received market feedback for an entry-level wireless charger so we decided to bring in theBoost Up Qi Wireless Charging Pad (5W) to fulfill the market needs and give people a range of solutions to select from,” said Dae Won Kim, managing director for ApeA, in a statement.

Apart from Belkin, Samsung, Anker and Amzer also offer wireless charging pads in the country.

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