Amazon Prime’s INR 499 subscription offer ends Oct 30

Prime INR 499 offerThe end of the Amazon India’s Prime introductory price is here. The company has revealed that the Prime subscription will start costing INR 999 beginning October 31 in the country.

Originally launched back in July last year, Amazon Prime subscription has been available at a special discounted price of INR 499 until now. If you aren’t already a Prime member, you have until October 30 to subscribe to Prime at the discounted price.

What is Amazon Prime?

Prime is a special subscription service offered by Amazon. For a fixed yearly charge, Amazon offers a bunch of benefits to the subscribers. While the Prime benefits vary market to market, India has gotten an okay-ish number of them, but they will increase as the time passes. For example, Prime Music is all set to debut in the country and will make the Prime membership even more enticing.

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Here is quick look at what you get with Amazon Prime in India

  • One-day, two-day and standard delivery for free on eligible items
  • No minimum order size
  • Free streaming of movies and TV shows on Prime Video
  • 30-minute early access to select deals
  • Exclusive access to deals & discounts time-to-time
  • Prime Music coming soon

Is Prime subscription a good deal at INR 499/ year?

With the benefits mentioned above, Amazon Prime subscription is a no-brainer at INR 499 for any regular Amazon user. Unless you don’t watch Prime Video at all and use Amazon shopping sparsely, you should get the subscription now at the discounted price. Hurry, you only have four days.

Is Prime subscription a good deal at INR 999/ year?

Now, at the regular price of INR 999, it becomes slightly tricky, but it is still a good deal if love Prime Video. However, if you find Prime Video catalogue so-so and who don’t use Amazon for shopping almost every month, then the INR 999 subscription will be a waste of money for you. As and when Prime Music is released, depending on the available selection, it might become a great deal even at INR 999, but for now, choose depending on what is available.

I am already an Amazon Prime subscriber, can I renew at the discounted price?

Unfortunately, you can not renew your Prime subscription before it is finished. So you are out of luck if your existing subscription isn’t expiring before October 30, however there is a small workaround. If you only have a few days left on your subscription, you can manually cancel your existing subscription (contact Amazon support if you can’t figure it out) and then re-subscribe at the discounted price.

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