Pay with Google aims to speed up the mobile shopping

Pay with GoogleExpanding its lineup of the payment services and apps, Google on Monday took the wraps off Pay with Google, a service that was first teased in May this year. Pay with Google is similar to Checkout by Amazon and allows users to pay in mobile apps and services with any debit or credit card that they have on file with Google.

Google claims that Pay with Google will remove the hassle of paying for goods and services online and make the checkout process easier and seamless.

With Pay with Google, you can work with any credit or debit, no matter it has been added to Google Play, or to YouTube, Chrome or Android Pay.

“Google sends the merchant your payment info and shipping address using the information from your account—no typing required. Then, the merchant will handle all the details just like any other purchase,” Google’s Pali Bhat wrote in a blog post.

Here is a quick gif showing the Pay with Google in action:Pay with Google in action

As of now, Pay with Google will work in Brazil, UK and US on Android devices and Chrome (web). There is no word on the expansion in other markets right now.

Some of the services and apps that are accepting Pay with Google are:

DoorDash, Dice, Fancy, ifood, wish, Instacart, and Postmates

Google has also published documentation on how the app and web developers can integrate Pay with Google in their apps. Since, Google doesn’t charge any transaction fees, it should see a broad adoption soon.

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