BPL to launch a smart speaker with Amazon Alexa in 2018

BPL LogoIndian electronics manufacturer BPL has announced that it will launch a smart speaker with Amazon Alexa voice assistant next year. The smart speaker will be dubbed as BPL Voice One and is currently in prototype stage.

According to BPL, the Voice One will be offered exclusively via Amazon India.

“Our relationship with Amazon has been engaging and insightful and we do believe that through Alexa Voice Service we will continue to give our customers the perfect mix of innovation and reliability in a brand,” said Manmohan Ganesh, CEO, BPL, in a statement.

Like all other Alexa-enabled speakers, BPL Voice One will allow the consumers to play music, set alarms, check calendar, weather and sports scores, manage to-do and shopping lists, control smart home devices, and a lot more.

To remind you, Amazon launched its Alexa voice-assistant and Echo lineup for devices in the Indian market earlier this month. The Echo devices are currently on pre-order on an invitation basis and will start shipping early next month.


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