Motorola’s Moto Z gets an Amazon Alexa moto mod

Alexa Moto ModMotorola has announced that it is launching a smart speaker moto mod for the Moto Z smartphone. This moto mod is called Moto Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa and as it is kind of a snap-on Amazon Echo for your phone.

The moto mod comes with four powerful microphones, built-in battery, and a speaker, all in a dockable design.

According to the company, it will carry a price-tag of $149.99 and will go on sale in November in the markets where Amazon Alexa is available – US, UK and Germany. Given that Alexa is coming to India as well next month, we might see the release of Moto Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa in the country.

The smart speaker will provide almost all functions that Alexa offers on Echo devices like controlling the smart home devices, playing music, answering queries, sharing news, getting you a cab and more.

“Just like all of our moto mods, Moto Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa is easy to use — simply snap it on your moto z and head out. Charging is also easier than ever with the new dock design that’s perfect for the nightstand; whether at home or in a hotel room, your phone charges while still providing the convenience of Alexa,” Motorola explained in a blog post.Alexa Moto Mod

Being an Android smartphone, Moto Z already includes Google Assistant and if you really want Alexa as your digital assistant, you can install the official Android app. So, this moto mod isn’t likely to find many takers and is clearly meant to hard-core Alexa users.

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