Google Home gets a sleep timer to turn off music

Google HomeIf you love listening to music as you fall asleep, there is now a nifty new feature in Google Home for you.

Google has added a sleep timer to the smart speaker, which will allow users to set the amount of time when it shuts down music playback on the Google Home.

According to the company, you can set up one sleep timer per Google Home device. The sleep timer comes with a number of commands, which can be used various functions like:

Set a sleep timer: “Set a sleep timer for 30 minutes” or “Set a sleep timer at 9:30”

Set sleep timer by duration: “Play music/artist/genre/playlist for <duration>” or “Stop music/artist/genre/playlist in <duration>” or “Stop playing in <duration>”

Cancel music timer: “Cancel the sleep timer”

Time remaining: “How much time is left on the sleep timer?”

You can read about these commands in detail at the Google Home support page.

Although this is a minor feature, it has been available on the competing smart speaker like Amazon Echo for sometime now. (via)

Hey Google hotword support comes to smartphones

Google is expanding the support for ‘Hey Google’ hotword to smartphones. Until now, it was only available on Google Home devices. Now, in addition to Ok Google, you can also Hey Google to trigger the Google Assistant on your phone.

The new hotword support is slowly rolling out to devices and it might take sometime before it reaches your smartphone. (via)

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