DxO One snap-on phone camera is coming to Android

DxO OneDxO, known for its imaging quality benchmark, has announced that it is bringing its snap-on smartphone camera – DxO One – to Android. The company recently opened the early access program to Android users, who want to be the first to use the detachable camera unit.

DxO One Android edition will come with a USB Type-C plug to fit into your compatible Android smartphone or tablet. Although the company hasn’t detailed the specifications of the Android unit, they are most likely going to the same as the iPhone unit, which is already on sale.

The iPhone unit comes with a one-inch sensor with 32mm fixed focal lens and f1.8 aperture capable of taking 20.2-megapixel images. It also includes Wi-Fi and a small battery, which lasts upto 200 image captures.

The one-inch sensor on-board the camera makes sure that the images taken are better than your smartphone camera, but the added bulk and the need to plug it in your phone every time might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, you can shoot blind from it without plugging it in your phone.

There is no word on the pricing at this, but given the iPhone variant costs $499, I expect a similar price-tag for Android version. If you are interested in the camera, you can head over the DxO website to be a part of the early access program.

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