Skype Lite gets group video calling support in India

Skype LiteMicrosoft has announced that it is expanding Skype Lite feature-set in India with the addition of group video calling support. The new feature is now available to all users.

According to a press note by Microsoft, group video calling allows Skype Lite users to talk to their friends and family for free.

“Simply tap on the call tab on Skype Lite, and start the group call with your friends on Skype Lite. You can also share a Skype Lite group call link with your friends on popular social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or SMS, and invite them to join the call,” Microsoft explained.

The company also notes that people won’t need a Skype ID to join an existing group video call on Skype Lite. All you have to provide is a name.  The temporary guest account is valid for 24 hours.

In addition, Microsoft has launched a new Skype bot called Ruuh. This AI bot has been made for the Indian users and will be available on all Skype products. You can talk to this bot as well as ask for its help to create fun, personalized Diwali cards.

This isn’t all, the company has also released a new collection of Diwali themed emoticons. Like the Ruuh bot, the Diwali emoticons will also be available on all Skype products in the country.

Download: Skype Lite

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