Top seven features of Google Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL phones

Google Pixel 2 phonesGoogle’s new Pixel 2 smartphones are here and as expected, there is a lot of excitement about the two phones. Not only these pack some impressive set of specifications, the smartphones have also left their competition behind in DxOMark, an image quality benchmark.

In this article, we will take a look at the top seven features of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones, which you should consider while deciding whether you should go for these phones or not.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration

AI was a big part of Google’s Pixel 2 presentation. The company talked about how the smartphone makers are increasingly finding it hard to top each other on just the basis of specifications and how AI can take the phones to a whole new level.

With Pixel 2 phones, Google is not just bringing the best of hardware and software, but also the best of AI. It is no doubt that with subsidiaries like Deepmind, Google is among the flagbearers of AI research. The company already employs AI in most of its existing products to make them more useful for the consumers and now, it is bringing the same to the smartphones.

From the camera to Google Assistant, many of the Pixel 2 features have AI or machine learning (ML) built-in.

Amazing camera

Apart from AI, the one feature that sets Pixel 2 smartphones apart from other smartphones is the camera capabilities. Pixel 2 phones don’t use gimmicky dual camera setup or something like that, but are still able produce some great images. Industry standard DxOMark Benchmark has given Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL a score of 98, which is four points more than its closest competitors – Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X.

The Pixel 2 camera can take great portrait shots and comes with new motion photos feature, which captures a few seconds of video around the shot. Not just the still photos, the video recordings are also great in Pixel 2, the smartphone uses optical and electronic image stabilization to allow users to capture really smooth videos in even the shakiest of situations.

What’s even better that Pixel 2 buyers will get unlimited cloud storage to store the original quality photos.

Google Lens

Google Lens is a new feature that is debuting with Pixel 2 smartphones in preview. It uses ML to identify landmarks, books, music albums, movies and artwork in your photographs. It resides in the Photos app and all you have to do is tap the Lens icon. Lens can also copy URLs and contact info from a picture of a poster or business card.

Active Edge

Following the lead of HTC, Google has included the Active Edge feature in the Pixel 2 phones. It works like HTC’s Edge Sense feature and allows you to trigger Google Assistant by just squeezing the sides of your Pixel 2 smartphone.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant might not be a new feature of Pixel 2 smartphones, but unlike other Android smartphones, Assistant’s integration in Pixel 2 phones is great. It can make calls, write texts, change settings, answer queries, control your music or smart home devices and more. Additionally, it will also soon get the support for Routines, a fixed set of commands that can be triggered by saying a word or phrase. For example, when you go to bed at night, with a simple “good night” your Assistant can silence your phone, turn off the lights, set your alarm and more.

Three years of OS updates

Although the Nexus and Pixel smartphones used to get two-years of OS updates from Google until now, Pixel 2 phones will be getting software updates for three years. The Pixel 2 owners will also get guaranteed security updates for three years. So, if you are someone who likes to use the same smartphone for three years, your Pixel 2 won’t feel obsolete.

Water Resistant/ Quick Charging/ Always on display

These three features might not be something new or exclusive to Pixel 2, but their presence makes the smartphone much better. Afterall everyone of us is afraid of dropping our phones in the pool or toilet or anywhere wet. Quick charging always helps in crunch situations and thanks to Always on display, you can take a quick peek at important information without the need to unlock the phone. The presence of AMOLED display makes sure that you don’t lose the precious battery life with Always on display.

Bonus feature: eSIM card support

This is one Pixel 2 feature that most of the Pixel 2 owners might not be able to use because of telecom operator dependence. Pixel 2 phones are the first smartphones to get the eSIM support. Basically with eSIM, you can authenticate your existing cellular account and don’t need to put a physical SIM in your phone. Unless your telecom operator allows for the use of eSIM in phones, the feature is of no use to you.

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