Pixel 2 XL renders confirm front stereo speakers, bottom search bar

Google Pixel 2 XL renderWe are less than 48 hours away from Google’s October 4 Pixel 2 launch event and two leaked Pixel 2 XL renders from @evleaks have just confirmed some of the previously rumoured details of the phone.

Although we can’t be certain about the authenticity of these renders, the past track record of @evleaks gives them some credibility. One of the renders seems to have come from an accessory maker, given the case housing the smartphone; other one is more like an official press shot from Google.

As you can see in the renders, the Google search bar is present on the bottom of the screen, which confirms the previous rumour about the Pixel launcher getting a redesign with the new Pixel phones and moving the default location of the search bar to the bottom. The bottom search bar was first seen in a video originating from Google I/O conference showing a test build of Pixel launcher. The change was originally expected to come with Android Oreo, but that didn’t happen.Google Pixel 2 XL render

If you don’t end up liking the placement, there are always ways (including going for another launcher) in Android to tweaks things to your taste.

In addition, the renders also confirm the presence of two front-facing stereo speakers, which are going to be present in both Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

Lastly, the phone in the case render also seems to give credibility to the reports about the missing headphone jack. If you look closely, the cut for USB Type-C port is visible, but there is nothing for the 3.5mm audio jack. Unless this is mistake from the accessory maker in the render, Google is really ditching the port.Google Pixel 2 XL

Update: Another leaked press render of the phone has appeared and it shows the back of the smartphone. There is not much to see here expect that there is going to be a single sensor primary camera on the back along with a fingerprint sensor.

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