Google developing an Amazon Echo Show competitor: Report

Amazon Echo Show
Amazon Echo Show

Under pressure from Amazon and its onslaught of Echo devices, Google is reportedly working on a new Google Home device, which will compete directly with Echo Show.

This smart speaker/ screen will combine the features of Google Assistant, YouTube, Hangouts, Google Photos and a smart home hub in an Amazon Echo Show like form factor with a seven-inch screen.

Codenamed ‘Manhattan,’ the Google device is expected to be announced later this year with a possible 2018 availability. Although Google was said to be eyeing mid-2018 launch, but Echo devices are making the company nervous, hence the haste in the release.

Not many specifics are known about this upcoming Google Home device, but a source tells TechCrunch that it will run a version of Android in order to allow the developers to easily create apps for it. Google is particularly said to be interested in getting Netflix on this device.

Once launched, this will most-likely be the fourth Google Home product in the market. The search giant is already rumoured to announce a mini version of Home at the October 4 event.

Rumours also indicate the impending arrival of a high-end Google Home variant with stereo speakers, which might be announced on October 4 or slightly later.

In related news, Amazon recently unveiled five new Echo-branded devices, which are going to be available over the next few months. A pioneer of the smart speaker market, the e-retail giant is leaving no stone unturned to keep its grip on the increasingly lucrative smart home segment.

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