Sony confirms new design for next-gen smartphones

Sony Xperia XZ1After sticking with the Omnibalance design in its smartphones for the last few years, Japanese tech giant Sony is finally ready to opt for a new design. The company’s India MD Kenichiro Hibi revealed to The Indian Express that Sony’s next-generation of smartphones will have a completely new design.

“We have deployed an omnibalance design as long as the X series continues to be available in the market. Also, we are planning to launch new generation of products and you can expect a complete new design from the devices,” Hibi told IE.

There are no details about the new design from Sony, but Hibi indicated that the company might opt to go edge-to-edge to be inline with other smartphone players in the industry.

Since Sony only launches mid-range and high-end smartphones these days, cost shouldn’t be a factor for company in going with bare minimum bezels in its future phones.

We are hoping to see the first Sony phones with the revamped design at the CES 2018, which is happening Jan 9 to 12 next year.

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