Amazon to launch smart glasses with Alexa voice assistant

Amazon AlexaOne tech giant – Google – might have given up on the consumer version of its smart glasses, but another giant – Amazon – is just getting in the game. Financial Times (FT) is reporting that Amazon is working on a pair of smart glasses, which will come with built-in support for voice assistant Alexa.

Unlike the Google Glass, the Amazon smart glasses will look like a regular pair of spectacles. Meaning you won’t get any funny glances or glasshole comments from others. These also won’t include controversial features like a camera.

FT writes that Amazon’s glasses will use bone-conduction audio tech, so the consumers won’t need a headset to hear Alexa. The smart glasses will be tethered to your smartphone and will most likely use the phone’s data connection to use Alexa.

Amazon home security camera system

In addition to the smart glasses, Amazon is also working on a home security camera system, which will tie into the company’s Echo products, allowing users to view on the camera feed on Echo devices with screens like Echo Show.

The exact release date of both devices is unclear, but FT indicates that one or both devices could be launched before the end of 2017.

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