Samsung finally lets you disable Bixby button

Bixby key disableSamsung is finally giving in to the consumer demands and has allowed the users to disable dedicated Bixby button in the latest Bixby update.

Bixby voice assistant has never gotten much love from the consumers, but many have been especially irked with the dedicated Bixby button on the Samsung flagship phones. Not only Samsung didn’t allow users to configure the button to open an app of their choice, the accidental presses of the button opened Bixby Home even when the consumers didn’t want. Thanks to latest Bixby update, which is rolling out now, you can finally disallow Bixby key from opening Bixby home.

The latest version of the Bixby carries version number  (via)

Samsung’s 1000fps image sensor ready

In more Samsung news, the Korean manufacturer is working on a 100ofps image sensor, which will go in mass production in November.

It is expected to be used in the next-generation of Samsung high-end smartphones and Galaxy S9 could be among the first phones to use it.  (via)

Samsung Galaxy On Nxt smartphone getting Nougat update in India

Samsung has released the Android 7.0 Nougat update for Galaxy On Nxt smartphone in the Indian market. The update started rolling out a few days ago and is available over-the-air. It should automatically reach your phone, but if you don’t see a notification, head over to Settings > About phone > update to manually check for the update.

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