Gmail for Android now allows you to change Google account settings

Gmail for Android updateBelieve it or not but sometimes even the most taken for granted features are missing from the applications. Take the example of Gmail Android app, until today, it lacked the ability to change your Google account settings. You had to open the web version of Google accounts page to change the most basic things like your password. Google has now finally realised that they need to change things in Gmail for Android to enhance the user experience.

The latest version of the Gmail for Android app, which started rolling out earlier today, brings the support to change your Google account settings (e.g. profile information, password, privacy settings, etc) under ‘My Account’ in Settings.

Additionally, the update also packs an updated look for swipe actions in the inbox. Now when you swipe to archive an email, you can ‘undo’ at the bottom bar.

Play Store will automatically notify you of the Gmail update and if you don’t want to wait for the notification, head over to Play Store and search for Gmail to update it right now.

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