Google Assistant-powered smart headphones are coming

Stock photo
Stock photo

Google seems to be working on a pair of smart headphones that will come with built-in support for Google Assistant. According to a report in 9to5Google, the search giant has been developing these headphones, code-named Bisto, for quite some time.

The mention of the Bisto headphones was first recorded back in April in the code of Google Android app version 7.0. However, the latest beta version of the app has offered the most details, including revealing the presence of at least two hardware buttons.

What will these do?

Although we don’t know any specifics about the Bisto headphones, the code strings (screenshots below) reveal that users will be able to ask questions, tell the headphones to perform tasks, get voice notifications, reply to text messages and more on the go.

Bisto code

The code also suggests that the headphone won’t always be listening and users will have to press a button and speak a query.

In addition, the headphones will most likely work while paired with a smartphone, similar to most Wi-Fi-only smartwatches.

We expect to see these at Google’s autumn hardware event alongside new Pixel smartphones, smaller Google Home, and new Chromebook Pixel.

Update: The first Google Assistant powered headphone has been announced in the form of Bose QuietComfort 35 II. They are now on sale in the markets around the world.

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