Android O launch: What to expect

Android OJust over 10 hours from now, Google will be officially launching the next major Android release in the form of version 8.0 aka Android O. Although the final moniker of the release is still under the wraps, the last tease from the search giant indicated that it might be called Android Oreo.

The company is hosting a livesteam of its launch event (set for August 22, 12:10 AM IST, August 21, 2:40PM EST) for the whole world to enjoy. Here is the direct link to the livestream. The stream is also embedded at the end of this blog post for you to watch it right here.

The new version is expected to be released immediately as a software update for the Pixel phones as well as select Nexus devices. The devices from other manufacturers will get the Android O release as and when the companies roll them out for the respective devices.

As you might know by now through the developer releases of Android 8.0, the updated version isn’t a massive overhaul of the system. It is only improving on the already reliable Android Nougat.

Here is a quick look at some of the already known features of Android O. We will have a full rundown of Android Oreo after the official announcement later today.

Redesigned Settings menu: The updated Settings is one area where Google has made the most visual changes in Android O. There is a new colour scheme as reshuffling of options, which are intended to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Notification channels: Rather than blocking all notifications from an app, Android will now let you choose which type of notifications you want to see to from an app and which you want to block through notification channels.

Picture-in-picture support: Google has added the new picture-in-picture mode in Android 8, which will move allow users to continue seeing an app (mostly video apps) in a small window on top of other apps or homescreen.

Unicode 10.0 emoji: More emojis for you

Redesigned notification shade and lock screen: Minor visual tweaks in both of these areas.

Adaptive iconsAdaptive icons: Google is now letting developers offer multiple icons in different shapes and sizes with their apps so that no matter what is the default app icon is on your device, the third-party apps don’t stand out like a sore thumb.

Notification DotsNotification dots aka notification badges: Like iOS, Android will also now show notifications alerts in the form of dots on app icons.

Android TV launcher in Android 8.0New Android TV launcher: Google has also included a new UI for Android TV in Android 8.0.

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