OnePlus One now starts $249 in US, Canada and EU

Oneplus OneAfter a week of flash sales for the One at reduced pricing, OnePlus has made the $50 price-cut permanent for the smartphone. The OnePlus One now starts $249 in US, Canada and European Union. The company has not made any announcement about the price-cut for Indian market.

“Last week, we announced a limited $50 discount on the OnePlus One. We were blown away by the response in sales and took a hard look at the numbers to make sure we were maintaining our commitment to our users. Our experiment was a great success, and we received tons of positive feedback from our fans on social media. But we also know that some of you missed out on the sales. We want to ensure that all of our fans have the opportunity to get the Flagship Killer at this special price,” wrote OnePlus team in a blog post.

In addition to the new price, the company has also announced a partnership with Dropbox. As a part of this partnership, the company will offer a OnePlus One bundle at $349, in which you get 64GB OnePlus One and one-year subscription for Dropbox Pro. The bundle will be available beginning June 10. As normally Dropbox Pro subscription for one year costs $99, you are essentially getting $50 discount.

You can also purchase the 64GB OnePlus One without the bundle at $299.

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