One in two Android devices run on either KitKat or Lollipop: Google

Android Platform version distributionOver half of the total active Android devices are now running on Android versions KitKat and Lollipop, revealed Google in the latest platform version distribution data. According to Google, Lollipop continues to increase market share and is now present on 12.4 percent of the devices, joined by KitKat with 39.2 percent.

Except Lollipop, all other Android versions continue to lose market share and we expect to see the same until Android M arrives on the scene.

In terms of the market share, Jelly Bean is now on 37.4 percent devices, Ice Cream Sandwich on 5.1 percent and Gingerbread on 5.6 percent. Froyo continues to be resilient and is residing on 0.3 percent devices. It is the only Android version that has lasted on the platform version distribution chart for so long. Froyo was first listed in July 2010, so the next month it will complete a full five years.

To put these percent numbers in perspective, over one billion Android devices access Google Play each month and these numbers are derived from those 1 billion devices. So, there are over 124 million Lollipop devices in the world right now.

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