Google Play starts showing family filter and age-based ratings

Google Play Family CategoryAs a part of its latest endeavor to make Google Play store more family-friendly, Google during the I/O 2015 announced a number of changes to the content store and now some of these changes have started showing up in the web version of the Play store. The updated Play Store device client hasn’t started rolling out yet, but we expect it to arrive over the coming weeks.

Coming to the latest changes in the web version, it has begun showing the new “Family” category as well as the age-based ratings in the apps section. There are still no character pages for kids or children’s books section or family category in Movies/ TV, but those too will be arriving over the coming weeks.

Google is using International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) ratings for the applications and games and same will reflect in the listings. Although IARC assigns ratings globally, different regions have local standards, so you will see localised ratings depending on your country.Google Play Age Ratings

The company has also added a Parent Guide section to help the parents navigate the new family-friendly Google Play.

To remind you, the Family category only shows the content that has been reviewed and rated family-friendly.

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