Google Now becomes context-aware with Now on Tap

Now on TapGoogle Now is pretty smart and based on the data available to it, it attempts to offer you the relevant information at the right time, but Google isn’t satisfied. The search giant on Thursday announced a new Google Now enhancement at the ongoing I/O developer conference, which will help you get relevant information on the fly.

The company’s new Now on Tap feature will arrive in Google Now along with the Android M release, but Aparna Chennapragada, Google Now’s product director, gave a brief preview of it during I/O keynote.

According to Chennapragada, Now on Tap is context-aware and pro-actively brings answers to your questions, no matter where you are in Android.

“We’re working to make Google Now a little smarter in the upcoming Android M release, so you can ask it to assist you with whatever you’re doing—right in the moment, anywhere on your phone. With “Now on tap,” you can simply tap and hold the home button for assistance without having to leave what you’re doing—whether you’re in an app or on a website,” she wrote in a blog post.

In an example, Chennapragada showcased how Google Now was able to identify “Tomorrowland” in an email conversation and offer information about the movie with just a long press of home-button.Now on Tap

“If you’re chatting with a friend about where to get dinner, Google can bring you quick info about the place your friend recommends. You’ll also see other apps on your phone, like OpenTable or Yelp, so you can easily make a reservation, read reviews or check out the menu,” further explained the Google executive.

While the home-button long press offers information about the best guess based what might be useful to you, a voice-search can help with more specific queries.

“If you’re listening to Twenty One Pilots on Spotify, you can say “Ok Google, who’s the lead singer” and get your answer right away,” noted Google.Now on Tap

The company will be sharing more information on the feature and the release date in the coming weeks.

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