Microsoft partners with more Android OEMs to pre-install Microsoft Office apps

Word for Android tablet previewMicrosoft has announced that it has partnered with twenty global and regional original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to pre-install Microsoft Office apps and Skype on their Android tablets.

The new tie-up comes just over two months after the company had announced a similar tie-up with eleven other OEMs.

According to the Windows maker, these total 31 OEMs will offer Android tablets pre-installed with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive and Skype in the near future.

Here is a quick look at new Microsoft partners: Axdia International GMBH (Germany), Cube (China), DL (Brazil), General Procurement (United States), Grupo Nucleo (Argentina), Haier (China), Inco (Mexico), Ionik GBMH (Germany), Iview (United States and LatAM), LG (Global), Multilaser (Brazil), Noblex (Argentina), Pacific (Vulcan) (Mexico), Philco (Argentina), Positivo (Brazil), Prestigio (EMEA), Sony (Global), Teclast (China), TMAX Digital (North America), and Wortmannn (Germany).

“Our strategic agreements with these partners demonstrate how Microsoft is leveraging the scale of the hardware ecosystem, and working with partners in new ways to deliver rich experiences to our customers. This is a cornerstone of our cross-platform services strategy, to bring an array of Microsoft services to every person on every device. By pre-installing Microsoft software and services solutions on Android tablets, our partners are able to increase the value of those devices by delivering the rich productivity experiences customers want,” wrote Microsoft in a blog post.

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