Google to launch operating system for Internet of Things next week: Report

Google LogoGoogle is reportedly planning to introduce an operating system for Internet of Things devices and it could be officially showcased as early as next week’s I/O developer conference.

According to The Information, the new OS is code-named Brillo, but the final branding would most likely be a variation of Android, like Android Wear and Android Auto, as Brillo is being developed a team linked with Google’s Android unit.

Google’s IoT OS will be aimed at low-power devices with RAM as low as 32 or 64MB and can be used on anything from smart refrigerators to connected light bulbs to garden monitors. It is unclear right now how the exact OS is going to look like, but The Information notes that it will be pretty barebones in the beginning without any apps or services.

Although the IoT ecosystem is early stages right now, but analysts believe that it will be huge in the coming years. Everyone from Huawei, Samsung to Microsoft wants a pie of this market. Huawei very recently unveiled its own IoT OS, Samsung has launched a complete platform for connected devices and Microsoft intends to release a version of Windows 10 for Internet of Things.

Research firm IDC estimates that the installed base of IoT units will grow to 28.1 billion in 2020 and the total market revenue will cross $7000 billion by the same year.

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