Wi-Fi support coming to only four Android Wear smartwatches: Google

Android WearGoogle earlier today clarified that the recently added Wi-Fi support will only be arriving on four Android Wear smartwatches. These smartwatches include LG Watch Urbane, Samsung Gear Live, Moto 360 and Sony SmartWatch 3.

Other Android Wear smartwatch owners will continue to receive notifications from their paired smartphones like always, but won’t get the added support for notifications even when the paired smartphone is left at home or at a place far from the range of the smartwatch’s Bluetooth.

Google has also stated that it has expanded the Android Wear update roll-out to all smartwatches and it will reach all units over the coming days and weeks. In addition, the company has mentioned a few new changes, which are a part of the Android Wear v5.1.1, but were not announced in the original announcement last month.

  • Heads-up notifications: Incoming notifications like text messages will now appear on-screen even when you’re looking at something else on your watch, like directions or fitness stats, so you won’t miss anything important.
  • Change your font size: Want to see more text on your watch screen? Or less? You can now adjust the font size from your watch’s settings.
  • Lock your watch’s screen: Want to lock your watch’s screen when you’re not wearing it? Turn on the new “Screen lock” feature from your watch’s settings. When enabled, if your watch detects you’re not wearing it (or it loses the connection to your phone) for a period of time, then your specified swipe pattern will be required to unlock it.

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