Xiaomi will reach Brazil in three months

Xiaomi Mi 4iIt has been known for quite a while that Xiaomi was planning to enter the Brazil market and now, the company’s Hugo Barra has revealed that they will launch in the country in the next three months. It will be the ninth market for the company after China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.

The company will initially start with the online sales of its smartphones and accessories in the country. Barra, who is Brazilian by birth, also stated that the company is considering assembling devices in Brazil as well.

“You cannot be in business in Brazil without manufacturing locally because you cannot import phones… the import tax is too high. The system is designed to force everybody to manufacture locally, so we have to abide by the system,” Barra said at a press event in Taipei recently.

There is no word on which Xiaomi smartphones will reach the Brazil market, however it is likely that the company will start with Mi 4i, the software of which is already underdoing localization for the country.

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