App Briefs: Meerkat is now in Google Play & Swiftkey beta update adds more Indian languages

Meerkat for AndroidMeerkat (beta) for Android reaches Google Play

After a fortnight of private beta-testing, Meerkat has released its official Android app in Google Play. The application, which is still in beta, can now easily be downloaded from Play Store.

The feature-set looks same as iOS, but as I haven’t used the iOS version, I can’t be fully sure.

To remind you, Meerkat is a live-streaming app, which allows you to stream video live to your Twitter followers. You can also watch other people’s Meerkat streams in the app as well as comment on them.

Unlike Twitter’s Periscope, which actually came after Meerkat, there are no replays in the app. [Source: Meerkat]

SwiftKey beta for Android brings adaptive keyboard layouts & more languages

Swiftkey has announced that the updated version of its beta app brings adaptive keyboard layouts for Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati and Marathi languages as well as support for nine more Indian languages.

So, what is adaptive layout?

“In SwiftKey’s innovative new layout, depending on the proceeding letters, the top row of vowels changes to become contextually relevant,” explained the company.Swiftkey beta update

Other changes in the Swiftkey beta 5.3:

  • Numbers in both roman and local script are available on the number pad, which has also become more intuitive
  • The Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi keyboards are laid out in the same way as the alphabet
  • Support for Bodo, Dogri, Kashmiri, Konkani (in both Devanagari and Kannada scripts), Maithili, Manipuri, Sanskrit, Santali and Sindhi.

To download the new beta version, join the SwiftKey Beta for Android Google Group and then become a tester. Once you have complete these two steps, you can be able to download Swiftkey beta from Google Play (it might take some hours for Play Store to recognize your tester status after the second step).

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