Alleged render of Moto 360 successor leaked online

Alleged Moto 360 successorMoto 360 was the first Android Wear watch to get the smartwatch lovers drooling, but it did not sell well in the mass market because of the platform issues and the problems that usually plague the first-generation products. The consumers thus have high hopes for its successor. Not only Android Wear is improving with each new iteration, the smartwatch lovers are expecting Motorola to ditch the dead-zone at the bottom of the display in Moto 360 successor & put a processor more powerful than TI OMAP 3.

Thanks to an alleged leak that has appeared on Chinese social giant Weibo, we have the first render of the upcoming Motorola smartwatch and a small tidbit confirming there won’t be a dead-zone in the new watch. According to a Weibo user, the Moto 360 successor will sport a circular display with 360x360p resolution, unlike its predecessor, which came with 320x290p display.

Other details about the smartwatch are still a mystery at this point, but we expect to see more leaks going forward. It is likely that we will see the official announcement of the next Motorola smartwatch at Google I/O 2015.

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