LG UX 4.0 detailed, will debut in G4

Smart Alerts in LG UX 4.0LG has begun this week with the announcement of its new Android user-experience, which will officially debut later this month in the company’s upcoming flagship smartphone. The latest announcement from LG is also the first time that LG has officially acknowledged the existence of G4, although it has been in rumours for months now.

The company has revealed that its new LG UX 4.0 will be pre-loaded in the G4 smartphone, which becomes official on April 28. LG is hosting press events in multiple cities on the 28th to unveil the smartphone.

According to LG, the UX v4.0 is simple, intuitive and introduces several new software enhancements like Quick Shot, Smart Board, and Smart Alerts. The features like Knock Code, Q Slide and Q Note, which have been available in the previous versions of the company’s user-experience will also be available UX 4.0.LG UX 4.0

LG UX 4.0 Highlights

Quick Shot: Capture images even when screen is turned off. Double-tap volume down button to trigger the camera app and capture the desired scene.

Smart Board: Information from calender, music, heath and other apps at one place

Smart Alerts: Get alerts based on your lifestyle, smartphone usage and location

Gallery: Updated gallery automatically created image albums for events, trips and more. Similar to Google+ Stories.

Expert Mode: Access to variety of settings in camera app to capture professional-grade images

Calender: Updated calendar bring information from social feeds and more

Ring ID: Assign special ringtones to favourite contacts

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