Play Store content listings get immersive mode on Android 5.0+ devices

Immersive content listings in Play StoreGoogle has started rolling out an updated version of the Play Store device client to Android devices, which brings immersive mode to the content listings. The update is currently rolling out to devices running Android 5.0 or above.

There is no word on whether the update will reach Android 4.4, which is the only Android version apart from Lollipop to support immersive mode, in fact the immersive mode was introduced in KitKat.

What can you expect after the Play Store update:

  • The hero images in Play Store content listings will use the immersive mode to occupy the full-screen space.

Immersive content listings in Play Store

Google News & Weather update brings “suggested for you” section and more

In related news, Google has released an updated version of the News and Weather app in Google play, which brings two important changes. The updated version of the app now includes a new “Suggested for You” section to show you recommended stories on topics that you are interested in.

The other change that you will see in the latest version of the app is notifications for important news items. You can grab the updated app from Google Play.Updated Google News & Weather

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