April Fools’ Day 2015 pranks from Google, Motorola, Samsung, Sony and more

It is that day of the year, when we get to see what the global brands came up in an effort to prank the consumers. As you can expect, we already have the fruits of the efforts made by the usual suspects like Google.

Like every year, Googlers have clearly spent a lot of time preparing for the day. Here is a look at some of the pranks.

Com.Google: An inverted search engine

com.google“We’re always looking ahead, but sometimes it’s important to reflect. Change your perspective,” the company said in a tweet. Check it out at com.google.

Google Panda: An all-knowing stuffed panda

Amazon might already brought its physical personal assistant in the form of Echo, but Google’s version is much cuter. The company has even put together a video of the fake announcement. Check it out below.

Google Fiber dial-up mode: 56k speed on a 1Gbps connection

Want to relive the dial-up days, Google Fiber’s fake dial-up throttles your 1Gbps connection to a 56Kbps speed. Here are some people embracing the “power of slowness.”

Smart MailBox

Gmail might have already made your email smarter, but now it wants to make your snail mail box smarter too. The Smartbox by Inbox is Gmail’s attempt to do that.

Moto Selfie Stick

In an attempt to cash-in on the selfie-craze, Motorola has come up with its own version of a premium selfie-stick. In Motorola’s words – It’s more than just a selfie-stick, it is an extension of what you are as a person.

Samsung Galaxy BLADE Edge Smart Knife & Gourmet Mode

After smartphones, Samsung is now aiming at the kitchen as the next frontier. The company has announced the new Samsung Galaxy BLADE Edge Smart Knife. Galaxy BLADE edge is the ultimate cooking companion, made with the modern chef in mind. It not only features a beautiful diamond-cut finish on its tough ceramic body, but is also equipped with a razor-sharp diamond edge, tough enough to cut through a lobster tail and sharp enough to slice though tender heirloom tomatoes.Samsung Galaxy BLADE edge
Apart from the Smart Knife, Samsung has also introduced the Gourmet Mode for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, which makes your food photos prettier, after all everyone needs great food pics for Instagram.


Battery-life sharing app from Sony

Running out of battery, ask your friend to share some battery-life via Sony’s new app for Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact.

We’re introducing a new app for all Sony Xperia™ Z3 and Z3 Compact users! You can now send your extra battery life to…

Posted by Sony Mobile SG on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

HTC re Sok: The connected socks

HTC has come up with connected socks. Dubbed as HTC re Sok, these can show notifications, alert you for impending hole in the socks and can even find the missing sock from the pair using GPS. Read more at the company website.HTC re Sok

These are just some of the gags. We will be updating the post over the day as we spot more interesting pranks from brands.

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