Updated WhatsApp for Android brings voice-calls to all

WhatsAppWhatsApp might yet to officially announce the arrival of the voice-calling support, but it has finally decided to make it easier for the consumers to get the feature. The Facebook-owned messaging service has released a new version of its Android application on its official website, which include voice-calling by default and you will no longer need to make any stupid attempts to get the feature activated, including leaving your phone number on public forums.

The updated WhatsApp carries the version number 2.12.19, but it hasn’t been rolled-out to Google Play just yet. We expect Play Store availability in the next few days, till then you can grab the APK from the company website.

WhatsApp voice-calling is getting mixed reviews right now, but we hope that the company fixes the problems soon and gets the service ready for the prime-time.

One comment

  1. If you support Net-Neutrality, please support this campaign against the nefarious designs of the Telecom operators in direct collusion with TRAI and the Govt. of India.


    @ Gaurav – I do not spam your blog with links EVER, so I hope you’ll let this post stay. I’m only posting this because it is exactly THIS feature that has raised the hackles of the AVOID lobby and their bedfellows.


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