Google bringing ‘on-body detection’ in Smart Lock feature

Smart Lock On-body DetectionWe all know that it sometimes becomes tedious to unlock your smartphone time and again. Google realized that and introduced the Smart Lock feature in Android 5.0, which makes sure that your smartphone remains unlocked, when it is in a trusted place or connected to a trusted device. Now, to make Smart Lock even more useful, Google seems to be rolling out a new ‘on-body detection’ system as a part of the Smart Lock.

As per the screenshots shared by some Android Police readers, on-body detection uses the smartphone accelerometer to detect whether you have the phone on you, in your pocket, hand bag or purse and keeps it unlocked. When you place it on a table or some other surface, it locks your phone again. There are some obvious security issues with this unlock method but it makes the locking mechanism bearable. It will obviously not be able to determine if you or a pick-pocket is carrying your phone, but once that person puts the phone down, it will lock itself.

The feature will reach your Android 5.0+ device as a part of a Google Play Services update in the coming weeks. We hope to get more details once Google makes an official announcement.

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