HTC USA introduces ‘Uh-Oh Program,’ will replace broken One M9, M8 for free

HTC One M9HTC America on Wednesday announced its new ‘Uh-Oh Program’ program for the buyers for One M9 and One M8 smartphone. As a part of this program, HTC will replace your One M9 or M8 smartphones if it breaks or you want to switch carriers. It is essentially a free insurance package for your phone and will be valid for first year of your purchase.

To prevent abuse, HTC will be giving $100 discount on your next HTC One smartphone purchase if you keep your One M9 or M8 safe and don’t use Uh-Oh Program benefits.

With each year, there are lesser ways to differentiate your flagship from smartphones from other smartphone makers, thus the companies like HTC are trying to bundle features like Uh-Oh Program to entice the undecided consumers to go their way. To remind you, HTC One M9 goes on sale in the US beginning April 10.

There is no word on whether HTC plans to bring the same or similar programs to other geographies.

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