Yu begins teasing its next smartphone, takes a dig at Xiaomi in the process

Yu teaserAlthough Yu’s Yureka smartphone is yet to get Android 5.0 update, but that hasn’t stopped the company from taking a dig at Xiaomi for the lack of Android 5.0 in Xiaomi devices.

Yu Televentures on Sunday began teasing its upcoming smartphone, which is code-named “Project Caesar,” and in one of these teasers, the company aimed at Xiaomi as none of the Chinese smartphone maker’s devices run on Android 5.0 at the moment.

“KitKat in the age of Lollipop, give me a break!” wrote Yu in the teaser with letter “m” in the word “me” using typography of Xiaomi logo.

The second teaser from Yu made it pretty clear that the company’s next smartphone will run on Android 5.0 Lollipop (embedded later in the report).

Not much is known about the Project Caesar at this point, but we believe that the phone will be based on a Qualcomm reference design and is expected to be available in April. The phone will most likely feature a display size around 5-inches and include mid-range specifications in an aggressive price-tag.


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