Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant is coming to Android: Report

Microsoft CortanaMicrosoft is working to bring its Cortana digital assistant as a standalone app to Android (and iOS), reports Reuters. According to the publication, the Windows-maker is currently working on the next version of Cortana under the codename “Einstein” and it will be first released as a part of Windows 10 PC operating system and later make its way to Android.

Reuters notes the next version of Cortana will be more intelligent and offer more functionalities than its competitors like Google Now and Apple’s Siri using artificial intelligence.

“This kind of technology, which can read and understand email, will play a central role in the next roll out of Cortana, which we are working on now for the fall time frame,” Eric Horvitz, managing director of Microsoft Research and a part of the Einstein project, told Reuters in an interview.

While this move from Microsoft might surprise some, it is a part of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s strategy to bring Microsoft software to all platforms, rather than forcing the consumers to choose Windows.

No many details are available at this point on how the next version of Cortana will be different from the existing one, but we hope to hear more from Microsoft when it releases Cortana with Windows 10.

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