Sense 7.0 coming to One (M8) and other high-end HTC phones

HTC Sense 7.0HTC has announced that it will be releasing the Sense 7.0 user experince to One (M8) as well as other high-end smartphone this year. The company has not given a specific time-frame and has just stated that it will arrive in the coming months.

Sense 7.0 is the company’s latest software experience for mobile devices and features a new HTC Themes app, which can be used to change the look and feel of your phone by just using a photo. The Themes app picks up colours from the photo and applies them to the theme that you create with your wallpaper, icons, and more.

The new UI also bring a home-screen widget, which automatically detects your location and suggests apps based on your location as well as use preferences.

Lastly, an enhanced version of Blinkfeed has also been included in Sense 7, which provides recommendations and links based on your location like restaurant suggestions at meal time.


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