WhatsApp Web gets support for Firefox & Opera browsers

WhatsApp WebWhatsApp has announced that WhatsApp Web client can now work with the Firefox as well as Opera browsers. Earlier, the support for WhatsApp Web was limited to Chrome browser. Among the major web browsers, there is still no support for Internet Explorer and we have no idea when that will happen.

To remind you, WhatsApp Web is currently available for Android, Windows Phone as well as BlackBerry users.

In related news, WhatsApp has still not revealed when it plans to broadly roll-out the voice-call support. The service has been intermittently releasing voice-call feature to select users over the last few days and allowing them to invite others by calling them, but there is still no official word on the actual launch.

Voice-calls is a major feature for WhatsApp and the company seems to be in a testing phase right now with limited users and wants to check it that it is ready for the prime-time.

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