Opera Max App Pass offers free data access to Android apps

Opera Max App PassOpera on Tuesday introduced a new feature as a part of its data-savings and management app Opera Max, which will allow the telecom operators to provide subsidized data access to applications.

“Operators are able to offer free, sponsored or low-cost access to selected apps, thanks to Opera Max with App Pass. App Pass lets operators present offers to users when they open any app on their phones. With two clicks, users can gain free access to the data that app consumes via Opera Max: they can then return to the app knowing that any data consumed while using it will be zero-rated for the duration of the App Pass,” explains Opera on its website.

The new App Pass feature is almost the same as what Google is attempting to do with its rumoured Zero Rating initiative.

According to Opera, Opera Max App Pass will initially be available to Telenor subscribers and the operator is currently testing it out in some of its Asian markets.

“We’re excited to partner once again with Telenor Digital to innovate in how mobile data is packaged and offered to consumers,. App Pass builds upon Opera’s achievements with Opera Web Pass and Sponsored Web Pass in making mobile data affordable and easy to use for end users. With App Pass, consumers can enjoy their favorite apps and try out new ones with just two clicks, using the Opera Max client already on their devices,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera.

The exact names of the markets, where consumers will be able to access App Pass, are unclear at this point.

Although Opera continues to add useful and interesting features to Opera Max, it baffles me why the application is still not available in India, which could be one of the biggest market for it.

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