Samsung releases first Galaxy S6 teasers; touts speed, battery back-up & camera

Samsung has released the first video teasers for its next Galaxy flagship aka Galaxy S6 and as you can expect, the company is trying to highlight how the phone is going to better than the previous generations.

The first video teaser, which appeared on the company’s social media accounts some days ago, talks about the imaging capabilities of the phone in a cryptic way and nothing specific has been revealed. The second teaser is, however, more to the point and states that S6 will be snappy and provide a great battery life, so that you can have more work done. Check out both teasers below or on the company’s Twitter account (1, 2).


Samsung Galaxy S6 likely to support multiple wireless charging standards

In related news, Samsung has published a report on its global blog talking about the wireless charging and how the new chips, which include support for multiple wireless charging standards, will take the consumers to a new wireless world in 2015.

In this report, the company notes that its upcoming Galaxy smartphones will include support for multiple wireless charging standards. As the Galaxy S6, which is going to be the company flagship, is coming in the next few weeks, we are expecting that it will most likely be the first smartphone from Samsung to include this expanded wireless charging module.

One comment

  1. WOW NICE 🙂
    I hope they start making Phone like Gaming Laptops
    where we can config it to a higher more powerful Phone 😉
    More Ram More Storage etc



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