OnePlus One gets Swiftkey integration in latest software update

Swiftkey on OnePlue OneSwiftkey, one of the best keyboard applications in Google Play, is being directly integrated into the OnePlus One smartphone through a software update. So, instead of downloading the application from Google Play, all one needs to do is select the Swiftkey keyboard from the language and input settings in the phone.

According to OnePlus, while the fresh units of the OnePlus One will come with Swiftkey pre-installed, the existing handsets will need to be upgraded to the latest version of CyanogenMod 11S to get Swiftkey as a system app. Swiftkey brings a host of smart typing features like swipe input support, intuitive word prediction as well as support for eighty one languages.

“We want OnePlus customers to enjoy all the fun of faster, easier typing from a keyboard that learns from them. It’s our mission to make it easier for everyone to type and communicate on mobile, and we’re proud to partner with an industry disruptor to bring our innovative smart keyboard to more people around the world,” said Eric Collins, SwiftKey’s head of distribution.

This might be a good news for Swiftkey fans, however it will disappoint those looking for low to zilch add-on features on the One. Considering Swiftkey can be downloaded from the Google Play for free, the system software update adds little value for most.Swiftkey on OnePlue One

One comment

  1. It’s merely a marketing play. Good for Swift Key I guess. I personally prefer the Fleksy keyboard, and don’t care for the unwanted update on my phone. If it can’t be uninstalled It only becomes a bloatware.


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