Motorola starts soak test for Moto E Lollipop update, full roll-out expected soon

Moto E soak test emailsAfter updating both first and second-generation Moto G smartphones in India, Motorola has now now directed its attention to Moto E smartphone. The company recently began the process to send out Lollipop soak test updates to the consumers in the country.

According to user posts on XDA forum, the emails to confirm the participation in Moto E soak test started arriving early Wednesday (Feb 4). We expect the actual soak test OTA update roll-out to begin in the next few days and if it goes well, Motorola will release the final Android 5.0 update for all Moto E users in the country.

For those of you unaware of soak tests, it is preliminary update, which is released to a select group of participants to test whether the update is working fine on user devices. If there are major problems found in the update, Motorola fixes them and then rolls out a second soak test update, which, if working fine, is then released to all users. In most cases, soak test updates go without issues and the actual roll-out begins soon after the soak test.

Like Moto G, Moto E is also expected to get directly updated to Android 5.0.2 and as always, we will let you folks know as soon as the Lollipop update for Moto E is released for all users.

Image Credit: Rohit at XDA

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