Project Tango moves from ATAP to a new home within Google

Project Tango TabletWeeks after Google’s Project Glass graduated from Google X labs to get its own team within the search giant’s home at Mountain View, the company’s Project Tango is doing the same from Google ATAP.

To remind you, Google Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP) is fast moving world, where multiple small teams work on different projects simultaneously with fixed time-tables and goals. In ATAP, either you succeed to join the main Google or get scrapped and Project Tango has been lucky to be the former.

In a post on Google+, ATAP team announced that after two fast-paced years in ATAP, and many technical successes, the Tango team is transitioning from ATAP to a new home within Google. Tango team will continue to work on 3D mapping, depth perception, object tracking, and bringing the computer vision closer to human vision.

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