Paranoid Android releases first Lollipop builds for select supported devices

Paranoid Android logoParanoid Android, which is one of the most popular after-market Android firmwares, has released its first builds of the Android 5.0-based ROM for several Android devices.

Carrying Paranoid Android 5.0 Alpha 1 moniker, the latest batch of firmware builds is not for everyone, as it is very likely to include bugs and other issues. If you are comfortable with the risks involved with using Alpha software, you can head over the Paranoid Android website now to download the Android 5.0 builds.

If you are coming from KitKat-based Paranoid Android release, you will see the following changes.

  • Update the baseline to AOSP Lollipop 5.0.2
  • Improvements to Heads Up, such as an option to disable heads up interruptions completely
  • Add Quick Unlock
  • Extend the power menu
  • Animate the volume panel in a more material manner
  • Make it possible to skip songs using volume buttons when the device is locked
  • Add CM12 Theme Engine
  • Fix various small annoyances from AOSP

“It’s been a long time, but we’re finally back and ready to start tasting some lollipops. To start our lollipop journey, we added some goodies to improve AOSP’s state along with some tiny and useful features for a sweat daily use,” Paranoid Android team wrote in a blog post.

The team warns that if you are coming from KitKat, stock or any other ROM, be sure to factory reset your device before applying the Paranoid Android 5.0 Alpha 1. Also, the OnePlus One users need to flash the latest CM nightly before applying the PA ROM.

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