Moto E successor spotted at UK e-retailer, to include quad-core CPU

Motorola New LogoMotorola seems to be all ready to introduce the successor to its mass market Android smartphone “Moto E.” Most likely to be dubbed as Moto E (2nd Gen), the phone recently appeared on the UK retailer Argos website, in turn revealing the key details of the phone. The product listing has since been removed, but you can still check it out in Google Cache.

As per Argos listing, the second-gen Moto E will sport a 4.3-inch qHD display, same as its predecessor, which is not surprising as Motorola did the same with Moto G (2nd Gen). Among other specifications, the phone will be powered by a quad-core processor and come with 4G LTE support, 8GB of internal storage, microSD card slot and 5MP rear camera.

The new Moto E will run on Android 5.0 and will be similar to the original in the size and weight. It will carry 129.9×66.8×12.3mm dimensions and will weigh 145 grams.

Argos listing also notes that the phone will retail for GBP 110 (INR 10290) in the UK, but the pricing is likely to be significant lower in markets like India as the UK price includes 20pc VAT and is typically higher than other regions.

There is no word on the exact launch date at this point, but we hope to see an announcement later this month or next month.Moto E 2nd Gen

Moto G LTE (2nd Gen)

Argos website has also revealed the UK pricing and details of Moto G LTE (2nd Gen). The phone has already been introduced in China and should be reaching the UK shores in the coming weeks.

According to Argos listing, the phone will come pre-loaded with Android 5.0 Lollipop and will retail for GBP 160 in the country. Apart from 4G LTE support and a slightly larger battery, rest of the specifications of Moto G LTE (2nd Gen) will be same as the 3G version currently sold in UK.

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