Asus Keyboard app gets Tamil & Hindi language support

Asus KeyboardAsus has announced that it is adding support for Hindi and Tamil language keyboards in its keyboard app. The application comes bundled with Asus devices running Zen UI and the updated version can be downloaded from Google Play.

“Supporting multiple languages is the most important aspect of localisation. In view of our customers’ feedback, we have introduced multi-lingual support. We believe that it is important to serve all of the users with diverse features and simplify the user interface significantly,” said Peter Chang, Regional Head – South Asia & Country Manager – System Business Group – ASUS India.

Asus has also stated that it is working to add support for more languages to offer additional value for the Indian users.

Here is the full change-log of the latest Asus Keyboard app:

  • Add dark keyboard theme
  • Add Hindi keyboard
  • Add Tamil keyboard
  • Add “Feedback & Help” feature
  • Turkish: add ‘ç’, ‘?’, ‘I’, ‘ü’, ‘ö’ keys
  • Russian: add frequently used symbols on keyboard
  • Vietnamese: able to hide word suggestions
  • Support auto-spacing while using trace input on URL input field
  • Fix auto-punctuation issue when word suggestions is hidden

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